Monday, February 25, 2013

I Still Believe

  • I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp
In I Still Believe Jeremy talks about his life from childhood till now. He talks about many things we ourselves face in our own lives. In his teen years Jeremy went out with his friends for a "fun night" in the town, drinking, smoking, and there is no telling what else they did. But the summer after his sophmore year at camp he gave his life to the Lord, and came home changed. He transferred highschools because he didn't want to face the temptation of that again. He graduated highschool and moved to a Bible College in California. It wasn't until after he graduated college he met the one he knew he was supposed to marry. Jeremy and Melissa dated for a while but things didn't fall into place and they broke up. Jeremy was heart broken because she was the ONE and he knew it. Later on in 1999 Jeremy found out Melissa had a cyst that was cancerous. She went through ups and downs in and out of the hospital , Jeremy did all he could to be helpful during her chemo treaments. One day Melissa told Jeremy she finally realize she loved him too, and a few days later he asked her to marry him. She said yes and they got married after the doctors told her the cancer was gone. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Soon after they got back home she finds out the cancer has returned, three and a half months after their wedding she passed away from the ovarian cancer. Jeremy took it hard she was supposed to be healed!! Why would God take her if He wanted Jeremy to marry her?? Not wanting to do anything after Melissa's death, Jeremy's world crashed around him. But one day Jeremy felt God telling him to pick up his guitar and play. Jeremy was finally being able to express his feelings again through writing songs. God began healing Jeremy. He has written many songs especially during his hard times with Melissa's battle. He wrote Walk By Faith and has witnessed to many people with that song and Melissa's story.

This is a great book!! So many teenagers go through the years where they want to look good to their friends and will do anything to be accepted. My heart goes out to them, I just want to tell them that they don't realize how special they are to God but not only to him to their family and me. They don't have to destroy their bodies with all the drugs and alcohol or anything else. They just need to find good godly friends that will lift them and encourage them not bring them down. So many people lose loved one today from some kind of cancer, Jeremy has been throught that too and knows how it feels. With God's help he got through hard times he faced and kept his faith through it all. Most of the time we see music artists as people who never go through anything bad and they just live it up, but they are humans too. They go through sad times, times they don't understand, and times they think their world is falling apart. Just because they are popular and everyone loves them doesn't mean they are perfect and everything goes perfect for them, a lot of times we fail to realize that. This book shows up that they go through the same stuff we have gone through.

Jeremy Camp is a Christian music artist who just had a new album released this month called Reckless. To earn more about Jeremy Camp, check out his website here.

Special thanks to Tyndale Publishers for providing me with this book for reviewing purposes.


  1. Great Review. This sounds like an interesting book and I can't wait to read it. I enjoy reading books about real people, their struggles, and how God got them through.

  2. Am excited to read this book also!

  3. Beautiful review. What a sad story, and yet there is happiness there. Thank you for sharing.