Monday, November 26, 2012

Unending Devotion

Unending Devotion

Lily Young is working as a photographers assistant, going to logging camps and towns she's searching desperately to find her sister, Daisy. You see, as small children they were orphans. When they got older Daisy went to live with the Wretchman family and Lily found a job with Oren, a photographer. Oren and his wife grew to love Lily as their own child. Lily learns Daisy has run away and possibly sold herself into prostitution. She is more desperate than ever to find Daisy and for them be a family again. While in Harrison, Lily meets Connel McCormick, a logging boss for his father's company. Connel has turned his eye on the wrong going on in the town, that is until Lily, a fearless and beautiful woman, came into his life. After she risks her life helping Daisy escape and almost gets caught, Connel realizes how much he cares for her and that business isn't the only thing that matters. But will Daisy and Lily be together as a family again? And what will happen to her and Connel's relationship?

Jody Hedlund is an amazing author. I could barely put this book down, it definitely kept me from sleep multiple nights. She has also written The Preacher's Bride, and The Doctor's Lady.

This book was received free from Bethany House Publishers for review.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Kingsbury Collection

Where Yesterday Lives

Ellen Barrett is a famous journalist in Miami. Her marriage is questionable her faith forgotten and her haunted with memories from her childhood. Getting a call that her father had a heart attack and had passed away leaves her devastated, from feeling sadness that he's gone to feeling angry that he didn't take better care of himself. She goes to her home town of Petoskey, Michigan, to plan for the funeral with her family. She's the eldest of five children that never get along. The love they once had for each has fallen apart over the years. Can they look past their differences and get along for just a week? Ellen Barrett has a lot to learn about her family that she never imagined any of them had gone through!

Karen Kingsbury is an amazing author I've loved every book I've read by her. She always has a real to life experience in her books that could happen to any of us. This particular book has 3 in one. Where Yesterday Lives, When Joy Came to Stay, and On Every Side.

A big thanks to Water Brook Multnomah Publishing Group for sending me this free book to review! :)