Saturday, July 16, 2011

Catching up!!

Ok, So I've been failing at writing on here and telling you about camp life every week. But anyway I'll tell you about my last few weeks which have been pretty exciting. let's see here where do we start?? Well the week after teen week was really fun I got to see Olivia my friend from IL everyday that week!! Monday was 4th of July and so Olivia came over and then we went to the fireworks and she spent the night Monday night we went to chatty to the aquarium on Tuesday!! And Wednesday was Youth group, Thursday we played basketball, Friday was her birthday party, Saturday was another friend's, Sabrina's, graduation!!!! Sunday started Vacation Bible School kickoff and puppets! :) The turtle was AWESOME if I do say so myself! ;) This whole week has been exciting!!! Alicia and C.J. were the captains!! :) Which was wonderful! Monday night the girls won, Tuesday night the boys won, Wednesday night the girls won, and Thursday the boys won. Friday night I was so sure that the biys would win because the girls had won at least for the past 3 years!!! Well I was wrong. The GIRLS won! And I was VERY happy!! :) Friday night Bro. Tim had a workers pool party it was fun. And today is Saturday and I should be packing but as you can tell I am not packing I am on the comeputer typing this out!! haha! So that should catch you up to my recent activities. Tomorrow is church then tomorrow night after church I go back to camp!! :) YAY!