Saturday, May 9, 2015

This quiet sky

This is a novella written by Joanne Bischof, she just happens to be one  of my favorite  authors

I got this book as an audio book on audible to review for Joanne it was such a good book I plan on getting a paperback copy as well

Another amazing historical romance by Joanne  This story is mostly about 16 year old Sarah Miller and 17 year old Tucker O'shay. Sarah has just moved to Rocky knob, Virginia from South Carolina, unlike most girls her age she still goes to the one room school house. there are only two students in the higher grades, her and Tucker O'shay, who plans to take the college exams in the fall. Sarah doesn't feel like she is smart enough to take the college exams and doesn't really want to her parents don't have enough money to send her to college and that's not really for girls anyway is it? Most of the students are scared of Tucker they say he has a contagious disease and are afraid to get too close. But Sarah is fascinated with Tucker and they become friends. Tucker starts tutoring Sarah in algebra because she isn't very good at it. Between Tucker and Sarah's friendship and the tutoring a love blossoms and they don't even realize it. Only when Tucker isn't at school for a couple days does Sarah start to realize the she is fond of him. I better not right much more or I will give it all away. If this has interested you at all I hope you will find this book and read it I actually got my paperback copy in the mail today and plan on reading it even though i have already listened to the audio book three times.

Words cannot describe how great this book is. Considering I have listened to it three times and still bought the paperback may shed some light on how much I really did enjoy this book. You will just have to read it for yourself to get the full experience, you will laugh with the characters and you will cry with them so you may want a few tissues around and you may also laugh until you cry. :)

Joanne has other books also I would encourage you to look up and read. The Cadence of Grace series is probably my absolute favorite, they are historical fiction as well. Joanne also has a new book coming out called To Get To You it is actually a contemporary fiction.
If you want to know more about Joanne you can visit her website here
If you want to find out more about her books or buy them you can go to Amazon or her website here.

Thank you Joanne for allowing me to have a copy of your book on audibly This Quiet Sky to review.


  1. This is such a beautiful review, Michaela! I am so blessed by you!!! And what fun to see Lonnie and Gid there on the side bar. You are such a dear! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed the audio book and to think of you having gotten the paperback as well gives me the biggest smile.