Monday, April 8, 2013

Pit of Ambition

Pit of Ambition
This is the second book of the Caselli family series.
Tillie Caselli has married Alex Martin a famous lawyer. Before they were married he’d do anything to spend time with her but, now this young man is too focused on work, fame and fortune. Tillie is sick an can barely go to school. She goes to the doctor to find out she’s pregnant.
Noah Hansen has married Carrie and they are very happy together until the tragic death of Carrie’s mother  then fishy stuff starts happening. Carrie is expecting again and Noah is the best husband that anyone could have, coming home from work to check on his wife not working late more than he has to.
Guiseppi  finally realizes he made a big mistake by not telling Tillie what him and her mother knew about Noah from before they met. He can’t tell her now though, what good would that do? It would only make matters worse.
Alex and Noah are still good friends, Guiseppi meets Noah when he comes to Sioux Falls to check on a job building Angelo’s 2, Guiseppi’s second restaurant. He’s regretting the decision he has made.
This book was just as good as the first and I cannot wait to read he third one A Blackguards Redemption.
Ta`Mara Hanscom has worked on The Caselli Family Series since 1996. Within three weeks she had created a 900 page rough draft of what would become a five- novel series of the epic love story of Tillie Caselli and Noah Hansen.
Loving all things Italian, Ta`Mara created the Caselli family true to their ethnic name. Born and raised in South Dakota, she brings this traditional family alive on the Great Plains where she has spent the entirety of her life.
I got this book from my mom’s bookshelf.


  1. This sounds like a great book. I'm not familiar with this author at all. Looks like you found another great series!

  2. I so can't wait to read this one too! You are finally ahead of me... I can't believe it!

  3. Sharon, she's not very popular but they are great books.

  4. Great review. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Hope you have a super weekend!
    Diane :)

  5. I'm finally back on blogger, so now I'm reading some of your book reviews! Yay! :) This sounds really interesting and different. I like different. I might have to read this series....

  6. Amber, these were the ones I was telling you about they are really really good!!! You'll have to borrow them sometime! :)