Friday, January 4, 2013

Against The Tide

Against The Tide
Lydia Pallas was a young girl when her parents passed away. Having just moved to Boston she was sent to the Crakken orphanage where she learned English and went to school. When she was old enough to move out of the orphanage she got an apartment at the Laughing Dragon and a job at the Navy Yard translating important documents. Alexander Banebridge, an old friend of Admiral Fontaine's, needs a translator, the Admiral recommends Lydia. Bane brings Lydia document after document for her to translate. the more translating she does the closer she gets to Bane. But he cannot love a woman and can never ever marry. Bane leaves Lydia broken hearts and because of him she loses her job as well as her apartment she's always known as home. Now she has to readjust to a new home and a new job. Although she still hasn't forgotten Bane, she's making it through life. A few months has gone by and Bane shows up again, he needs Lydia's help one more time. The Admiral's son has been kidnapped. Will Lydia agree to Bane's request or will she walk away? She fell in love with him and he broke her heart, promising he would never marry. Lydia is still determined to get the man she wants. What will happen? Should she just walk away? It would break her heart from shattering again.

This book was great! Elizabeth Camden has written a great book. I am excited to read The Lady of Bolton Hill!! To see more books of Elizabeth's click here.

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers as a review book. Thank you Bethany House! :)

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