Friday, June 8, 2012

The Hunger Games

This is a really good book but only if you can take a lot of fighting, killing, and torture. It reminds me a lot of the Roman Era where they would put Christians in the Colosseum to fight till one of them died.
The Hunger Games are full of action and adventure. It always starts out simple but it must take a complicated turn. Twelve districts, the first district being up-class, lacking nothing, the twelfth district, however, is not so fortunate, barely surviving from not having enough food to eat. The cruel and harsh Capitol is sure to find a way to keep them in line. What they think is fun entertainment, is cruel torture for the districts. No doubt that all district will follow the rules of the Capitol or no telling what may happen to them.The Capitol forces one girl and one boy from each district, between ages twelve and eighteen, to participate in the annual Hunger Games. Twenty-four tributes must fight to the death, while it's broadcast live in in all twelve districts. Sixteen year old Katniss volunteers herself for the protection of her twelve year old sister. Peeta Mellark is the boy chosen.Both are from district 12. They must leave the only thing they have ever known to travel to the Capitol for preparation. Will they ever see the ones they love again? While in the arena they must weigh out their options of survival. In the beginning by forming a pack of allies but, by the end turning on even the ones they were just working with as a team. Who will survive this torturous event the Capitol finds so much pleasure in? You will have to read the book to find out.
When I read this book I could barely put it down. I felt like I was in the story with the characters.

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