Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eye of the Sword

If you like books with alot of action and adventure this is probably a book for you. Kings kingdoms, princesses, comains, allies, and enemies, angels walking on earth, and 3 harps to connect earth to heaven by forming a ladder. The princess has one harp but the other two are missing. Comain Trevin is sent to look for the lost comains of the kingdom, along with searching for harps the princess asked him to find. Along the way he runs into a few obstacles and also finds his true identity , the son of an angel. Can Comain Trevin find the harps for the princess while searching for lost comain? What kind of adventure will his journey take him on?

I was really impressed, although this book is the second in the series you can read it without having to read the first one and still understand what's going on in the story. I makes you want to read the first book to see how the story began. Karyn Henley has a great way of writing this book.

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