Friday, September 6, 2013

My Hope Is Found

My Hope Is Found by Joanne Bischof
Recently I received a copy of the following book in exchange for my honest review. This post will have book purchase advertisement. The FTC requires you to be given a fair warning! Now relax and enjoy the review.
Gideon O’Riley has been given another chance at a life with Lonnie.
But will the fight for her heart risk it all over again?
Book 3 in the Cadence of Grace Series ~ Coming Oct 2013 
After finally finding love with his sweet bride Lonnie, Gideon’s heart was torn when a woman from his past claimed to be his true and rightful wife, forcing him away from his family. God’s merciful hand saw Gideon through the heartache, and with Cassie’s blessing, he is able to return home. Though his journey back through the Blue Ridge Mountains will hold a trial he never anticipated.
Meanwhile, Lonnie determines to seal off her heart from Gideon, convinced he is lost to her forever. Strengthening her resolve to move on is the fondness she has for the handsome Scotsman, Toby McKee—the young reverend she has come to care deeply for. His proposal of marriage offers a bright future for her and her young son. 
Yearning to allow joy back into her life, Lonnie must put aside the broken pieces of her heart that still love Gideon. When he returns to find her betrothed to another, he has to place his hope in God, trusting that the One who redeemed their love once can do it again.
  • About Joanne
Christy Award-finalist and author of Be Still My Soul and Though My Heart is TornJoanne Bischof has a deep passion for Appalachian culture and writing stories that shine light on God’s grace and goodness. She lives in the mountains of Southern California with her husband and their three children. When she’s not weaving Appalachian romance, she’s blogging about faith, folk music, and the adventures of country living that bring her stories to life. To learn more about Joanne and her books you can go to her website HERE.
  • This is what Joanne says about her writing:
What is Heartfelt Fiction?
 From moments that are joyous to moments that are bittersweet and even in the midst of a broken heart, with paper and ink as my medium, I write to illustrate love—the gift that was given to us by the One who loves the most.

What is this love?
 I have rejoiced through countless blessings–my amazing children, a husband that I adore, and the privilege to write every day.
Like so many others, I have experienced the full spectrum. I know what it’s like to be so completely broken, I didn’t know if the sun would truly rise the next morning. But I felt God move in a miraculous way. A way that forced me to leap into His waiting arms. A place where safety and peace reign.
I’ve experienced the abundant mercy of Christ when he reached down, picked me up, and held me until the tears subsided. I’ve encountered the promise that out of brokenness springs new life. And in that new life, I discovered the overwhelming urge to rejoice and praise the God who saves.
The God who was, who is, and who is to come.

My thoughts:

  • I read Though My Heart is Torn back in March, now Joanne sent me a copy of the new one before it got published. I was so excited to get it. :) Started it Sunday and finished it Thursday. Not sure I ever read a book that fast. But it was great. Joanne did an amazing job finishing up this series. With it being number three in the series I suggest if you want to read it you start at the beginning! I laugh with Lonnie and Gideon and cried with them. Joanne has said that there has been teams made now between Gideon and Toby, the two men is Lonnie's life. I am 100% behind Gideon he captured my heart when I read Though My Heart Is Torn and even more now with My Hope Is Found. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Gideon is now married to Cassie again, after a heart break Lonnie is trying to move on. In the last book she met Toby, or also known as Reverend McKee. He's been helping the Bennett's since Gideon was gone and now he is falling head over heels with Lonnie! Addie, Lonnie's little sister moved back with her. Toby is getting to know Jacob and Addie better by the day. Soon into this book Toby asks Jeb for permission to marry Lonnie, since Gideon isn't coming back. Gideon ,in the mean time, has signed papers again to divorce Cassie. Cassie had recovered from the fever and has decided to let Gideon go back to his true family, and she is at peace with this decision. Gideon leaves and heads back home, on his way he stops at the town of Stuart, where the judge is that is taking his case. Gideon finally finds out he has to wait 30 days to find anything out, in that time period he is working for his former boss, an orchard owner. Finally, 30 days are up and he's back to Stuart, but he is still a married man after a few complications. Well he heads to the Bennett's to wait for the word from the judge that he is a free man again. Now Toby is ready to propose to Lonnie and he has it all planned out. One Sunday evening he rides to the Bennett's and asks for her hand in marriage, she of course says yes. Here's where it gets complicated, Gideon shows up at the Bennett's door the same night they are celebrating the proposal which doesn't go over well. Two men and one girl, only one man can have her, which will it be?? I can't tell you the ending because it has to be a surprise, but I can finish up with this. Gideon learns that he has to trust God with all things even if it involves Lonnie marrying Toby. And Toby is trying to accept the same thing. Everything happens for a reason and each one has to learn peace through it all. And Lonnie, well Lonnie has a torn heart between the man she loves and the man she's falling for. What's going to happen??

This was the best book I loved every second of it! And I guarantee you will be laughing with them and crying with them.


You can get this book at Amazon or any book store. :)


There are three books in this series,

1. Be Still My Soul

2. Though My Heart Is Torn

3. My hope Is Found


Thank you so much Joanne for sending me this book I felt so special! :)




  1. I've read several books by Lauraine Snelling and really enjoy her writing! She even wrote a kids book that my daughter and enjoyed! I haven't read this series yet, but it sure looks good!