Saturday, September 1, 2012

Short-Straw Bride

This book is very romantic, I loved every bit of it!!

No one ever crosses on Archers land without consequences, as a little girl Meredith Hayes found herself on private property of the Archers, She got her foot caught in a steel trap. Travis Archer rescued her and ever since her heart has been his. Over the years he was the only man she thought about ever marrying. Her uncle on the other hand has his own plans for her. She will marry Roy Mitchell, he will have her and her land, and her uncle will have his business partner, But, when Meredith overhears Roy telling a workers to burn down the Archer's barn she must warn Travis, but has to figure out how. Coming up with a plan she goes out to warn him. When she gets there she is greeter with a gun pointing in her direction, she must explain why she's trespassing on private property. The brothers go to work and leave Meredith alone. Everything happened so fast, before she knew what was happening she had gotten hurt yet again on Archer land and Travis feels responsible. When Meredith's Uncle finds out she's been at the Archer's for 2 days her is very angry and he is forcing Meri to marry one of the Archer's. Will it be everything she ever thought it would be?

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