Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School :)

Let's spread Jesus through our town.

School is back in the groove, what better way to share Jesus with friends. I'm actually home schooled but I know alot of people from the public school here. Most of the kids in our youth group at church go to public school. It's so easy to just let it all go and not think about the Lord. But if you think about it, the way we act around our friends is the way they view not only us but the church we go to, we are representing Jesus in everything we do. These school supplies are a great way to get the gospel out. I received 2 different sets of school supplies from DayspringBorn Again and It's Not About Religion set, and All Creation Sings and Make Noise set. Both are amazing and get a great message out! With each set I received two 3 ring binders, two composition notebooks, two spiral notebooks, and two 2 pocket folders.

All Creation Sings and Make Noise
Born Again and It's Not About Religion

Each one has a Bible verse on the back of it. (except for It's Not About Religion that one has a cross)
All Creation Sings: Revelation 5:13
Make Noise: Psalm 98:4-6
Born Again: John 3:5, 7
It's Not About Religion: It's about a relationship with God.

Right now if you go on the Dayspring website they have all the school supplies Buy 2 get 1 free. You can get school supplies pretty much anywhere but there are unique and attract attention. Give the kids an opportunity to spread Jesus throughout their school!!!

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