Friday, September 16, 2011

The past week

I totally forgot to write about Lake Winnie!!! Last Saturday we went to Lake Winnie!! It was amazing I hadn't been there in years! It was so much fun, I got a smurf that Roth won for me! :) We went on just about everything except I didn't go on the spinning things!! I get too sick. But I had a great day thanks to the Bray's!! It was amazing. Monday we went to my step dad's bosses house and spent the night it was kinda fun! :) He has an amazing house and he has this tub with jets and all!! It was amazing! And had WAY too much bubbles in the tub!!!! :) Tuesday I sat around and watched tv the majority of the day. Wednesday was Awana! :) Yesterday we were at home. And today we had co-op!

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