Friday, June 10, 2011

Staff Training Week at Camp

Well this week has been a great experience. I've been at camp all week the start of my summer working there. :) I have had a great time. we cleaned the kitchen at camp, painted the snack shop, painted the pool house, stained the pool deck, and lots lots more!! :) It has definately been an exciting week. Out theme is Grow Roots Bear Fruits. It has been an adventure this past week. Next week we have campers. It should be exciting. We all have alot of stuff planned for the next few weeks, I'll try to keep people updated.

We found a tiny worm snake at Staff Training week, when we went and ate breakfast at the flatforms. I was so cute!
 This is Mrs. Sharon, Mr. Steve, and Heather Honeycutt.
 I french braided Ariels hair around her head! It looked really cool when I got finished with it.

Goodbye to all my hair. Amber Rose cut it Thursday night. That was exciting.
My new hair do! I likey and I'm getting used to it slowly but surely!

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